If you run a clothes shop you may find it tricky to know what to write and share on business social media platforms so we have put together a blog full of tips, completely free of charge, that you can try out on your own facebook business page;

Most outfits will come in different colours so share photos of the outfit, ideally on someone, and ask your fans which colour looks best. Ideally the person they are on is a ‘real’ person, not the model that is wearing it on the website. The advantage to this is that you can engage with your audience but also see which colour is more popular so you know which to order more of.

If you have long tops for ladies why not get your ‘model’ to wear them with tights and then jeans and then leggings and do a ‘who wore it best’ type post on Facebook, similar to the sort of thing you’d see in a magazine when two celebrities where the same outfit. The added bonus to this is that you can promote a few of your items at once.

See if you can join up with a local company that could work with you, for example if you are a ladies clothes shop like with a shop that do costume jewellery, then show photos of the outfits you have with their jewellery and these can be shared on both business facebook pages giving you both a chance to attract more customers without risking losing any.

When people look great they feel great and in the world of Facebook they want everyone to know, so use this to your advantage. Ask your customers to share photos of themselves on a night out in an outfit they have bought from you – you could add an extra encouragement by offering 5% off their next purchase?

If you like these ideas and would like more, or you think you’re still struggling with social media management for your business then drop us a line, we would be more than happy to help.