You may know by now that one of the services we offer at Creative Content Company is copy writing in Peterborough, but you may not be sure why you need a copywriter. Let alone what can a copywriter do for your business and add to your website?

We have put together 5 main ways in which a copy writer in Peterborough, someone like us can help;

Landing Pages

If you have a specific product or service you would like people to search for on Google, for example, and come straight to the right page on your website, then a copy writer in Peterborough can help with this. We can also create a page for your specific service in a chosen area; for example a Plumber in Paston or an Electrician in Ely. So when people look for your service in their local area then they will come straight to that landing page. They will find exactly what they need quickly.

Online Sales Letters

We can create online sales letters for your business than can be used by your whole team and sent out to your target audience or potential audience, kept on your website or used as a hidden page or pop-up on your website to be seen by the user of your website at the exact moment you want them to see it.

Product or Services Pages

We can write the main services or products page for your website, with a short few lines about each service or product, and then this can link through (internally) to the service or product page for that specific service or product. We can write the specific pages too. As copy writers in Peterborough we can write as much or as little of your website content as you want us to.

Email Marketing Campaigns

We can create the content for the email marketing campaigns. Whether you are creating a sales funnel or a monthly newsletter we can help with both. We can insert the content into your newsletter templates or send you the content as a word document for you to insert into your newsletter; whatever works best for you.

Promotional Emails

You may have an awesome promotion available to your target audience but you don’t know how to word it yourself? Then speak a copy writer in Peterborough, someone like us, and we can write those promotional emails for you; while we aren’t designers, we are really good with words!

Now we hope you can understand some ways in which a copy writer in Peterborough can help your business; contact us now to see what we can do for you.