We have been offering newsletter creation and newsletter content for businesses since September 2013 when Creative Content Company was first launched, but we know many of our clients and we are sure that many business owners really don’t understand what a business email newsletter can help their business achieve so this is something we have decided to talk about in this blog post;

  • A newsletter can help you stay in touch with your business contacts, whether these are people you met at a networking event, someone who put their card in your glass bowl at a business exhibition, someone that is an old client, an existing client or a potential client – you have the ability to stay in touch with these business contacts and stay at the forefront of their minds with a business newsletter sent out on a regular monthly, quarterly or twice monthly basis.
  • A newsletter gives you the opportunity to have data capture form on your website that allows people to join your newsletter for the latest news and special offers; just remember to deliver in your newsletters what you promised when they signed up to receive your newsletter.
  • A newsletter enables you to share information about the services or products you offer along with any special offers, changes to existing products and services as well as new offerings from your business too.
  • A newsletter allows you to increase interest and potentially sales for a chosen product or service you want to target or promote at that time; consider including a special offer or voucher for the receiver so they know this offer is not available to everyone.
  • A newsletter will provide your business with a regularly scheduled marketing moment that you can mark in your diary or on your calendar to ensure that you regularly ‘touch’ your prospects and target audience in a frequent, consistent, professional yet friendly manner.
  • A newsletter will help to get your phone ringing and the orders coming in so your business can be as busy as you want it to be.

If you are struggling to come to terms with newsletters for your business, how they could work and business newsletter content then do not worry as you are certainly not alone; just give us a call and we will be happy to offer advice and guidance that could help you.