As the lockdown is loosening, more and more businesses are starting to open. However, they are opening in a new way. What many people are calling the ‘new-normal’. This includes social distancing, PPE, open doors, meetings by appointment only and so much more.

Here at Creative Content Company we have been speaking to our friends at Printbox about the printed materials they have been providing for businesses. The list of COVID AWARE products they have been creating for their clients is almost endless. Some of these items are the more obvious things. However, others are products that will take the re-opening of the business that little bit further.

For example, Printbox have been providing branded floor stickers with an anti-slip laminate. These are available in any colour shape or size to meet the branding of the business. They have been creating posters and signage to remind those entering (staff members and customers) or the coronavirus guidelines to protect the safety of everyone. Printbox have also been providing branded sanitise station boards, roller banners with reminders and more.

Printbox are also offering exterior signage allowing you to show those passing your business premises that you are open and ready to help them. With businesses opening at different times, signage is a great idea. It helps your target audience see that you are open so they can continue or start doing business with you.

We have also been chatting to Brilliant Digital. They are web designers that have been helping businesses re-open after coronavirus. It’s a great idea to have a banner on your website that says if you are open for business as usual, if hours have changed or the date you will be opening. A page on the website that talks about the coronavirus measures you have put in place for the safety of your employees and customers is highly recommended too. Your customers want to know you have made an effort to protect them.

Then, we can come in and help too. We can create this content for Alex of Brilliant Digital to add to your website. We can also create blog posts that talk about any changes you have made during lockdown and how your business has improved. Our team can help get your social media posts up to date too. This will help your audience see you are back in business and how they can support you.

So, these are some ideas of what you need to re-open your business. If you need help with any of the above please contact Hazel. She can point you in the right direction. Alternatively, click the links above to go direct to Printbox or Brilliant Digital.