You might think that if you hop on and off on social media as and when and that will work for you. Alternatively, you may have been spending your time hopping on and off – but feel social media doesn’t work for you? That’s because you are probably not doing it right. If you’re not hopping on social media daily, you’ll be less likely to succeed.

While having a good social media presence doesn’t mean you have to be on social media all the time, it does mean you need to be on it consistently. In this blog post we look at what you need to do daily to succeed at social media. They’re not massive things, but they could make a massive difference to your social media strategy.

Firstly, make sure you pop onto your social media pages everyday to respond. This could be replying to a direct or private message. It could also be responding to those engaging or answering a query on your posts for example. By doing this at least once a day, you will show your audience that you are real. It shows you’re not just a posting robot. In turn, this will help build trust and loyalty for your business.

After you have responded to people on your accounts, search for mentions of your brand across social media pages. This could be your brand name, strapline, business details or a product name, for example. A person could be promoting you online or has a complaint. By keeping your eyes peeled for mentions, you can help or respond.

Another thing to keep your eyes peeled for is trending hashtags. Of course, hashtags aren’t the be all and end all for social media. However, if there is a trending hashtag that is relevant to your business or brand, you should definitely know about it. Avoid the temptation of jumping on the lather hashtag trend if it’s not relevant to your business though. This will just make you look needy and even pathetic.

Our final tip for what you need to do daily to succeed at social media is to always update your posting planner. Any ideas that come to mind, whether they are for now or for a special occasion in the future, jot them down. This will help you stay on top of your ideas. It will also make sure no great social media post ideas are missed or forgotten.

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