As you many have seen from previous blog posts, Creative Networking is returning. It is something I ran when I first set my business up and I have seen a gap in the market for something that is needed. I wanted to create something that was membership free, informal, with structure and not in the early morning or evening. So, this is why I have decided to relaunch. So, what will the new Creative Networking look like?

Something that has always been important to me in business is supporting the local community, as well as the business community. This is clear to see in the venues that I have chosen for the event as well as the low-ticket price for the events.

Networking events where you turn up and have a chat are all well and good. However, they can be scary for brand new people in business. How do you know who to talk to? What should you say? How can you introduce yourself? This is why I wanted the new Creative Networking to be informal, but to have that structure.

There will be two networking events each month. One will be from 10-30am-12noon with tea, coffee and pastries. The other will be in the afternoon with hot beverages and a scone or doughnut (dependent on the venue).

The event will begin with informal networking. We will then take to our seats with a drink. One by one everyone will have 60 seconds to introduce themselves and their business. Each attendee will also answer the chosen question for that event. This could be anything from your top tip for networking to your favourite Christmas memory or packet of crisps for example.

Once everyone has introduced themselves it’s time for everyone to network informally. By this point you will know who everyone is and what they do. This will give you an idea of who you want to speak to and find out more about.

It really is as simple as that. Simple, affordable networking that works. I have always believed that people buy people, and my business has grown through networking. I believe that my new Creative Networking will help you to make new connections and grow your business locally.

Watch this space for event venue and dates – and how you can book on!