There are lots of things you can post on social media in September. But first let’s look at how often you should be posting on social media. It is recommended that you post on social media around 5 times a day.

Here at Creative Content Company we would recommend 5 times a week as a minimum. If you’re doing less than this, then it may be doing you more harm than good. Maybe outsource your social media if you don’t have the time or ideas?

There are lots of things you can post on social media in September. You can share testimonials, throwbacks and photos of where you are. Why not share links to your blogs, top tips and pointers to help others and bits about your services too?

However, a really good way of giving your business personality, engaging with your audience, growing your followers and building relationships is with national days. We use the website for all the national days, weeks and months. At the end of the month we look through the national days for the next month. We choose our favourite and then send them out to the team. These answers are then scheduled as posts on social media in September for LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Below we have shared some of these ideas with you;

It’s National Cheese Month – Take about your favourite cheese

September is also National Chicken Month – Share your favourite chicken dish

National Family Meals Month – Tell everyone your favourite place to go for a family meal 

It is also National Fruit and Veggies Month – What is your favourite fruit and veg?

Self-Care Awareness Month: Share your top tips for self-care

Farm Animal Awareness Week: 19-25 – where is your favourite farm to visit?

National Dog Week: 20-26 – Share a photo of your dog, name and little about it.

International Day of Charity: 5 – what charity do you support / love? Why?

National Teddy Bear Day: 9 – photo of your favourite teddy bear / story of your favourite teddy bear / child’s teddy bear

National School Picture Day: 10 – can you upload an old school photo?

Video Games Day: 12 – if you play video games which one?

Roald Dahl Day: 13 – favourite story by Roald Dahl and why?

National Brave Day: 18 – what’s the bravest thing you have ever done?

International Eat an Apple Day: 19 – what is your favourite brand of apple?

Ice Cream Cone Day: 22 – share your favourite ice cream in a cone

National Doodle Day: 25 – when you doodle on your paper, what do you draw?

National Ghost Hunting Day: 26 – do you believe in ghosts, why? Do you have a story?

World Tourism Day: 27 – favourite place in the world

Don’t forget to include the national day as a hashtag to engage with others posting about these days. Keep an eye on our social media to see our answers too!