Sometimes on your social media you need to share stuff about you, you need to be engaging and informal. This runs alongside with all the other business type things you share on social media. However, these give your audience that something extra that makes your business stand out from the competition.

Below we have shared some ideas of things you can post on social media in February. Some are wackier than others. Why not give some of them a go and see how you get on? Here are our ideas of things to post on social media in February.

1st Feb is Wear Red Day: Take a photo of you wearing red today. Alternatively, grab an old photo of you wearing red and share it on social media.

February is International Boost Self Esteem Month: Share tips and quotes that will help boost self esteem. Share them sporadically through the month.

17th Feb is Random Acts of Kindness Day. The 17th-23rd is Random Acts of Kindness Week. Aim to do random acts of kindness during this time. Think about what you could do in advance. Then share photos each day and encourage others to do the same.

13th Feb is Get A Different Name Day: Talk about your name. What you like or hate about it? If you could have any other name what would it be?

14th Feb is Valentines: Share a photo or your plans for Valentine’s Day

February is Responsible Pet Owners Month: Share photos of your pets during the month. The internet loves cats and dogs!

2nd Feb is Ice Cream for Breakfast Day: Talk about what you normally have for breakfast. Alternatively, your favourite flavour ice-cream.

27th Feb is Pink Shirt Day: Just as Wear Red Day, take a photo. Or you could find a photo of you in a pink shirt and share it.

Don’t forget to use the National Day as a hashtag. This will help people see why you are sharing it. It will get others engaging with you too.

We hope our ideas of things to post on social media in February have helped you.