I want to start this blog post by reminding us all that we are in uncertain times. I’m sure you didn’t need to be reminded of that? However I also wanted to let you know that we will come out the other side. This will end and we will return to ‘normal’. While this may not be next week, it will be soon.

Your business can NOT go silent on social media during this time. You need to show your target audience that you are alive and well. If it is business as normal for you, then tell your audience that it is business as normal. If it isn’t then talk about the fact you’re shut and what you’ll be doing. Alternatively share what changes to your offerings you have put into place during lockdown.

We have spoken to lots of businesses that think there is nothing to post on social media during coronavirus. WRONG!

This is the time when your posts on social media can really build some strong working relationships with your target audience. Now is the time when you can start posting ‘real stuff’. This is the personal stuff that really engages with your target audience who may be in the same boat as you and experiencing the same things as you.

So, what to post on social media during coronavirus?

If you have found yourself working at home for the first time, then share this. Perhaps you are trying to juggle home schooling and working from home at the same time? Maybe you have a pet that is insistent on helping you work? Have you set up a new plan for your days? Or do you have some tips to share that are making isolation easier for you?

These posts are a great way of showing the real you. Tips and advice are helpful. Try and be positive and engaging too. People want to see ‘nice’ stuff at a time like this. They don’t want to see more doom and gloom.

Share other people’s posts on social media too. These could be things that are relevant to your business or may be relevant to your target audience. For example, if you know your target audience or following are parents of young children, share links of stuff to make home schooling easier.

Now is not the time to stop posting on social media. Instead you need to be making sure you are seen. Make sure that you post on social media during coronavirus to build relationships and show your target audience you are still alive and kicking!

If you can do it yourself then go ahead. If you are struggling to know what to post or don’t have the time; tell us. We can offer online social media training via Zoom or we can manage your social media account for you. This can be done from a little of 1 week, for as long as you need it. We can even just dip in to help while you try and get everything in place again.