If you are breaking up from work over the Christmas holidays and won’t be in the office or contactable, then you need to think carefully about what you will post on your business social media pages and when you will post. In this blog we look at What To Do On Social Media Over The Christmas Holidays.

It’s not a great idea to go ‘cold turkey’ on your social media business presence as people may wonder where you have gone, especially if they can still order through your website.

Christmas Eve is 24th December and falls on Monday this year. Many people will not be going back to work for one day after a weekend off and the day before Christmas Day. You may consider having this Monday. Or the Friday before as the day you break up from work and shut the business for the festive period.

You need to schedule a post, ideally an image, which looks festive and has your logo on. Then post your closing date for the Christmas holidays, how you will be contactable in an emergency and when the business will be open again. Schedule this to go live as a post on social media every day during your closed period.

We would recommend that you also schedule a Happy Christmas post. A Happy Boxing Day and a New Years Eve / New Years Day post will work well too.

Think about what you will write on these posts / updates. If you will be responding to questions and engagement on social media then ask questions such as on Boxing Day ask what the best present was on Christmas Day. The same for New Years Eve when you can ask what resolutions are being set.

However, if you are having a complete holiday from social media when the business is shut over the Christmas period then don’t ask questions. Instead just share images and don’t ask questions.

If you’re going away for the Christmas holidays but want someone to look after your social media pages then drop us a line. We can look after your social media from 1 week at a time so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

If you would like help with social media scheduling tools we would be happy to teach you Hootsuite with a 45 minute training session?

Now you know What To Do On Social Media Over The Christmas Holidays… how will you do it?