If you have just started

or are considering starting a blog for your website then you may need put some time aside and decide that is when you will sit and blog. However sometimes it is not always that easy. You may be stuck with what is well-known as “Writers Block”. This is when you literally hit a wall and cannot think about what to write. Here are some ideas for you, to find that little bit of inspiration;

  • As you would in any normal circumstances, look at your competitors. See what they are doing on their blogs and you will find inspiration for your own ideas and thoughts.
  • Have a look on sites like eHow, then pop your keywords in the search bar and you will see ideas that you can take inspiration from. It will show you ‘how to do’ articles that your customers may find useful so write a ‘how to’ for your site.
  • Top 10 things always work well. If you offer wedding flowers then maybe write a post about the Top 10 Wedding Bouquets or the Top 10 flowers to go in a wedding bouquet for example
  • 5 Reasons to” are great too, for example if you are a photographer then you could have posts like “5 reasons to hire a photographer for your school prom”
  • Have a look at National Days – write posts for things like Christmas, Easter, New Year and even Valentine’s Day, these will be easy posts to write and it’s a good quick update to your site too.
  • If you have a new product or service on offer then write about that – talk about the product / service in more depth and explain how it can help the customer as opposed to on the website page where it just says what the service / product is and how it works.
  • If you have a sale or special offer then talk about that on the blog too, people love a bargain!
    • When you get positive reviews or testimonials then pop them on your blog too, check with the customer they are happy for you to use it and maybe offer a link back to their site too as way of thanking them (and encouraging others to do the same).
    • There are so many different ideas you can blog about, but if you are stuck for inspiration or time (or you’re having a day when you feel you just can’t be bothered) you can do one of two things.

One – speak to someone in your industry, (a supplier of a product or a blogger in your industry for example) and ask them to guest blog for you. Some people will do this for a link back to their site, for their ‘five minutes of fame’ or they will do it for payment. It will take a while to find someone that can help but guest blogging on a site does work well.

Two – you can speak to a Content Writer or Blog Writer. Freelance Writers, like me, can write a one-off article for you when you’re not in the mood or they can write more than one article for you to keep your head above water while you try and sort out everything else in the business.