PwC completed a Global Consumer Insights Survey and the results from this were not only interesting, but they also gave us some ideas for promoting our own business to consumers too. By understanding what online media in spires consumers, you can see where your business and brand needs to be seen.

This is why we have shared this blog post about the online media that inspires consumers.

For the research 22,481 consumers were asked to select up to three responses when asked the following question;

What Online Media Do You Regularly Use To Find Inspiration for Your Purchases?

The results were as follows;

  • 37% of consumers stated that social media sites were where they got purchase inspiration.
  • Meanwhile 34% of consumers go to an individual retailer website for purchase inspiration.
  • 32% of consumers admit to using price comparison websites when looking for purchase inspiration.
  • A further 21% of consumers state that they use multi-brand websites for the purchase inspiration that they need.
  • Interestingly 20% of consumers stated that they use visual social networks for purchase inspiration.
  • 14% of consumers said that they rely on emails from brands and retailers as this gives them their purchase inspiration
  • The research found that 16% of consumers use travel review websites for their purchase inspiration. Obviously this is holiday / travel specific.
  • ‘Deal of the Day’ style websites give 12% of consumers their purchase inspiration.
  • 11% of consumers use mobile apps when looking for purchase inspiration.
  • Blogs are used and read by 11% of consumers as their form of purchase inspiration, when needed.
  • Just 6% of consumers get their purchase inspiration through digital press and online magazines.

How does this research affect your business? For some businesses there will never be a need to be seen on travel review sites for example. However, this research shows that 37% of consumers want to be inspired to purchase via social media. What is your social media presence like? Is it inspiring consumers to purchase from you?

Worth noting that a blog will get you 11% of consumers too, when matched with a good social media presence and links to and from the blog – surely you’re cooking with fire?

What online media are you using to inspire consumers?