As a small business ourselves, we love hearing about what other businesses do. As an online business we supply a lot of online content for clients, and we do a lot of online content for our own business and online presence too.

We recently came across some research by Infusionsoft that asked 1006 small business owners a question about the sort of content they create.

Infusionsoft asked 1,006 respondents the following question;

What kind of content does your company create to get customers? 2,181 answers were given by those 1,006 small business owners. The selection of answers given by these business owners were as follows;

  • 67.8% of small businesses said they post on social media platforms as part of the content their business creates to help gain new customers.
  • 42.9% of small businesses said that sending emails and email newsletters was a form of online content for that they use to help get customers.
  • Publishing blog posts and articles is the kind of content that 33.9% of the small business owners use to help get more customers.
  • 24.2% small business owners said that they create direct mail as a type of content to help get customers.
  • 23.1% of small business owners that responded said that they create video content as a tool for getting more customers.
  • 9% of small business owners get more customers by creating offering downloadable online content in the form of white papers or e-books.
  • Meanwhile 16% of small business owners say that they use none of the above options as online content to attract potential new customers.

Here at Creative Content Company we produce a lot of online content for our clients and for our own business. The content we create is for social media platforms, email newsletters, blog posts, and video content (made by us via Periscope or by professionals).

Direct mail isn’t something we have tried. We often send existing clients direct mail if we would like to invite them to an event, for example. We have also used a form of direct mail to congratulate winners and finalists of business awards.

Downloadable content is something we have done for a lot of clients. However it is just something we haven’t got round to doing for our own business. It is something that is regularly discussed though. I am sure if you watch this space it will happen at some point.

What online content do you create for your business and how does it work for you?