For those that know me, you’ll know I am very close to my grandparents; they are even on our About Us page in the Meet The Team area.

My grandparents are very proud of me. Some of you may have met them – they were at my 1st year in business celebrations. This is where they found out I had been running my business in secret (but that’s another story). They were at my 3rd year in business celebrations, sadly they couldn’t come to my 5th year in business celebrations due to illness, but Grampy came to Huntingdon Business Fair in April 2018 to see me.

But what do they think I do?

I spent a lot of days with my grandparents when I was younger and my parents were at work. We are extremely close and have lots of happy memories of me from when I was young.

For example, we used to go to feed the ducks at the river at end of their road. Apparently on the way home from feeding the ducks I would tell tall tales about the ducks, the fact that one was in a puddle on its own as it had fallen out with the other ducks and give them the reason why.

One time I told my Grampy after a trip to feed the ducks with Grandma, that one naughty goose stuck its head in my pram to steal the bread from underneath – however Grandma still claims to this day that the goose never did this.

And that’s what they believe I do for a living. In theory, it is. My blogging is a way of telling stories about the businesses that use me as their copywriter. However the blogs I write are real and true stories, but I tell them in an engaging and conversation way.

I’m often asked to explain my business in a way that a 5 year old would understand it. Instead I choose to explain it in the way my grandparents do – because if at over 80 years old they can understand what I do, then I’m sure everyone else can too.