During November we ran six separate blogging workshops and we got some really good feedback from them. They were just £10 per person and everyone got a hot drink, cakes and a goodie bag. They may have got these things at other blogging training too, but what is it that makes our training and workshops different to the rest?

There are a few things…

Training Venue

We ran our workshops at Norman Cross Art Gallery! We are lucky enough for this to be where our office is based, but being an art gallery it is not the normal setting you expect for a workshop. Plus it is free and plentiful parking so you’re now driving round for ages to find a space or paying to park.

Hot Drink

We said you get a hot drink on arrival, and you do at most workshops, but again – there was something that made us different. We had mugs of different shapes sizes and slogans, along with standard teacups. We had the traditional tea and coffee, but we also had caramel coffee, mochas, tomato soup and hot chocolate – with a selection of milk, double cream, whipped cream and marshmallows.


We had beautiful branded cakes, biscuits and a tin of retro sweets too. You’d be surprised at how excited adults get over retro sweets like Drumsticks, Refreshers and Parma Violets!

Goodie Bag

While there was an envelope for ‘bedtime reading’ which was full of our marketing bits, there were also little items to help those attending on their blogging journey. You can see exactly what was in our goodie bags in our previous blog post.

The Training

A minute, if that, was spent talking about me – the rest was all information. Telling the attendees what a blog post was, where to host it, how to upload it and when, what to write about, how to write about it and much more. Unlike other workshops where you are given the notes, we provided notepaper and a list for them to fill in 10 ideas of blog posts that they would write. This gave attendees something real that they could use, to take away with them.

The Timing

We ran the courses at 3 different times, from 11am, from 5pm and from 7.30pm. The courses were booked for 2 hours. Unlike other workshops that overrun, or run out of time for questions, this blogging workshop finished after around an hour. This gave attendees to take in what I had told them, gave them time to ask questions and chat – but also they gained some time back in their diary. This time was used as one attendee to set up the blog at the workshop, and other emailed their web designers to add a blog onto their websites. It also meant attendees could chat about their blogging ideas with each other – and discuss ‘guest blogging’ opportunities.

And, the one thing that makes Creative Content Company different to our competition – ME! The course was run by Hazel Cottrell, and if you have met Hazel, you’ll know there is nobody quite like her.