In this blog post we look at what makes a popular blog post. This way, when you do write blogs for your business you know what works and what doesn’t work. When it comes to successful blogging, it is all about writing and publishing great quality content. It is definitely quality over quantity. Have a look at what makes a popular blog post, as we have shared below, and see how you can make these pointers work for you and your business blogs.

Research shows that 75% of online readers prefer reading a blog post that has less than 1,000 words. We would recommend that if you have a blog post longer than this, you break it into individual blog posts. These can then be turned into a series of blog posts that link into each other and follow on from one to the next.

However, it is worth noting that blog posts over 3,000 words have the highest sharing rate. This can make it tricky to decide the right length for your blog post. Do you want it read so your audience knows more about your brand? Alternatively, do you want it shared so more people see your brand? It might be worth trying different lengths of blog posts to see what works best for your target audience.

Just to add in a little bit more conflict into the length of your blog posts, research also shows that if your blog posts are suggesting a reading time of over 7 minutes, your engagement levels will drop.

Now we look at the titles of your blog posts and what attracts people to a popular blog post. Research shows that 30% of blog readers prefer a blog title headline with numbers in it. How can you use numbers in your blog headlines? Maybe top 3 reasons, or 5 advantages, 6 benefits or similar. 

The most popular blog posts that are most in demand are How To Articles. A vote was completed and it showed that 77% of readers prefer How To blog posts. Meanwhile, 49% of people prefer blogs about the latest news and trends. 47% of online users like guides and e-books, whereas 44% of readers like opinion blogs. 

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