Blog posts are a great way of boosting your websites SEO. They are fresh content with your keywords in. This means they can be seen be Google who will show them to your audience. A good blog post can increase the traffic to your website, boost your SEO ranking and improve your conversion rate. All these things will lead to more sales for your business. But only if it is a good blog post.

So, what makes a good blog post? There are 6 factors that Growth Badgers and Finances Online have come up with. They have rated each of these factors on a score between 0 and 10. 10 is the best factor of a successful blog and 0 is the worst.

First is the quality of the content with a score of 8.8. It’s all about quality over quantity. It is far better to have a weekly blog that is insightful, useful and engaging, as opposed to 5 blogs a week that don’t offer the same quality.

The second factor with a score of 8.5 is an eye-catching headline and intro. This is what attracts the eye of your target audience and grabs their attention. The title needs to be clear and explain what the blog is about and be true to the content. However, the catchier the better.

The third factor is SEO. This gained a score of 7.6. Your blog posts need to be SEO friendly with the right layout and correct keywords. A blog post that is strongly focused on SEO can do incredible things for your business, your brand awareness and your ranking on search engines like Google.

In fourth place is email subscribers. This had a ranking of 7.2. If you have a good amount of email subscribers this not only shows that you’re creating good content, but it gives you more people to share the content with too.

A good blog name and URL takes 5th place with a factor rating of 6.3. This is more related to bloggers that aren’t blogging on their business website. If for example you run an industry blog, you will need a good blog name and URL to have success with your blogging.

Finally, with a ranking of 6.0 is social media shares and followers. If you have a strong following on social media, then this will help boost your blog posts. Your target audience will happily share links to your blogs with other people they think will find them useful.

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