Are you in the process of setting resolutions and goals for the New Year? We don’t blame you. The festive season is well and truly upon us and it will soon be 2019. Lots of people will be setting their business New Year’s resolutions and personal New Year’s resolutions too – but how about content New Year’s resolutions?

If your new year’s resolution says something along the lines of “Do More Website Content” or “Write More Blog Posts” then this is a must-read blog post for you. We have broken down this New Year’s resolution for you, into some manageable chunks that you can manage.

  1. Take the time to look at your audience and re-examine them. You may have started in business thinking you knew who your ideal client was and where your target audience were, but take the time to check these are still the same.
  2. Develop and plan a content strategy for your business. Think about what topics you will cover for the year ahead, what you will talk about, how you will talk about it and where you will talk about it.
  3. Commit yourself to measuring and testing your content. Look at Google Analytics to see which blog posts and pages on your website are read more. Also look at social media to see which social media platforms are bringing the most traffic to your website and why.
  4. Target yourself to writing one blog post a month. One blog post a month will help your website SEO wise, and it is a management amount of content to write once a month. If you can do more, then this then great, but stick to 1 a month as a ‘must’.
  5. Look at how much engagement you are getting on your social media pages and look at how you can increase this engagement. For example, instead of sharing a post that says “This is my latest blog post” why not word it differently, or include a snippet of the blog post?
  6. Have a look at paid advertising on social media or through Google. Use these paid adverts to direct more traffic to your website and look at where these new visitors go on your website, and which page they end their visit on. What can you do to get them to buy or stay longer?

If “Do More Website Content” or “Write More Blog Posts” New Year’s resolutions have been on your list for the last few years, then it may be best to get it outsourced. This way you know it’ll be done, you won’t beat yourself up for not doing it and you’ll be able to focus on your business and what you are good at.

So, What Is Your Content New Year’s Resolution?