One of the questions our blog writers in Peterborough are often asked is about the optimum length of a blog post. Some people think blogs can be as long or as short as you want. However, when you think about Google and the SEO reasons that you are blogging – blog posts need to be longer. Longer blog posts will often perform better than shorter blog posts. However, that depends on how they are written and what they are written about.

Research shows that the average blog post length is between 600 and 800 words for most readers. Blogs between 300 and 700 words perform a lot better than those commercial blogs with less than 300 words.

If you are looking to create strong on-page content that really boosts your SEO, then you need to think longer. Research found that blog posts around the 2,000-word mark are seen as the highest on search engine results for many business categories.

But what is the optimum length of a blog post for your business? Generally speaking, here at Creative Content Company our rule of thumb is 300-600 words. This is the length of blog post we offer for £35-£40 per blog post. While the length of the blog post helps on search engines, so does back links and internal links.

If for example you are putting together a guide, then you could have one long blog post with all the details. An alternative would be a shorter blog on each topic. These could then link to the next blog post. This would boost your internal links that helps with SEO. In the blogs you can also mention the next blog and when it goes live. This will boost traffic to your website as readers will keep coming back for the next blog post.

Not only will more pages on your website get seen, but you’ll have more traffic to your website and people will spend longer on your website too. So, what is the optimum length of a blog post? It really depends on what you and your business want to achieve.