Each morning we wake up and we check our phones. This may be as we turn our alarms off our mobile phones, as we have our first cup of tea or just after we press snooze on the alarm for the 4th time that day. Which is the first media you check?

For me, the first media I check each day is my emails. It’s then Facebook, then Twitter, followed by LinkedIn. Next, I usually check my bank balance – just in case I have won the lottery. Then I can go into work an hour later and purchase all the things in random shopping baskets across multiple websites!

Optinmonster did some research that looked at the first things employees and business owners check each day when they get to the office. The research asked responders “what is the first media you check each day?”. The respondents could choose news, search engines, company intranet, social media or email. The results of the “what is the first media you check each day?” research can be seen below.

  • 3% of respondents said the first media they check each day is the company intranet.
  • 5% of respondents chose the news as the first media that they check when they start work.
  • 14% of respondents felt that social media channels were the first media they checked when they arrived at the office.
  • 20% of respondents went to search engines like Google as their first port of call for media each day.
  • 58% of respondents said that the first media that they checked each day was their emails.

So, what does this research tell us?

If you are sending information to the employers in your business, you’ll have better luck sending an email or an email newsletter than putting it on the company intranet. The more urgent the message, the better it is to send it as an email.

While social media may be checked later in the day, if you have a special offer or event taking place that day – maybe you should consider an email newsletter? This will get seen sooner and could get you an early rush before people see it on social media later that same day?

It’s important to never rely on just one marketing tool. We feel that this research proves that perfectly. If you do need help creating an email newsletter, call us. We offer email newsletter content and design.