National Day Blogging is great for when you want to update your blog but you’re not sure what to write about. It’s also a nice blog post that it is a little different from your normal posts.

My favourite site to use, to find random National Days is BrownieLocks. It is an American site so there are some that are not relevant to us here in the UK but some of the days are great.

You can choose any sorts of days. For example there was a ‘National Wear Red Day’ in February, this was brilliant as I wrote for car clients about what buying / driving a red car could mean. I wrote for team building companies about how people perceive those that wear red and all sorts of posts like these.

Writing content for the traditional national days like Christmas Day, New Years Day, Easter and others is always a good idea. However, these national days are something a little different. You may even find one that sounds like it was made for your business!

Have a look at the BrownieLocks website and see if there are any relevant days, weeks or months that are suited to your industry or business and then write about them.

It was National Puzzle Day a few months back and I made up puzzles for all of the clients, (puzzle day works great as you can use all your keywords in one article). The next week all of the clients I write for were on page 1-5 when you searched “National Puzzle Day”, granted, not many customers looking for your service would search “National Puzzle Day” when they are looking to purchase a service, but this ranking will be noted by Google and that will help with your overall ranking of your website, Meaning, you will start to get higher up the search engines!

If you need a little helping hand with ideas for blog content then drop me a line. I can work as a freelance content writer for you or I can help you come up with ideas to write content yourself!