In this blog post we look at what is evergreen content and why do you need it. Here at Creative Content Company we create a lot of evergreen content for our own website and for our clients too. Just like the evergreen trees, evergreen website content is timeless. It stays fresh year and year with minimal or no upkeep at all.

The great thing about content that is evergreen is that it stays relevant. It also accumulates traffic over time. In fact, the longer the content is published the more site traction it pulls. This then increases your SEO ranking and traffic to your website. Therefore, offering higher return on investment for your business.

Your evergreen website content will also help save time for your team. This is because you will have resources to share in newsletters, social media posts and in presentations.

Evergreen and topical content both play crucial roles in your marketing strategy. However, unlike topical content, evergreen content stays relevant for the long haul. It offers long-lasting value. This makes evergreen blog posts and content a rewarding marketing investment and a strategic addition to your SEO efforts.

You will find that evergreen content is great for traffic. It also enables you to publish robust resources for your audience with no strings attached. Through good quality evergreen content, you can build trust with your audience. You can increase your website authority and position your brand as an industry expert and thought leader too.

Evergreen website content is great for internal links too. Internal links are where you link one page on your website to another page on your website. You will see that there are internal links from this blog to other pages within our website. In future blog posts you will also see that they link back to this page too.

Basically speaking, evergreen blogs and content are something that is as relevant now as it is in 5 years’ time. Like this blog post for example. Evergreen content will always be the same thing, so this blog post on ‘what is evergreen content and why do you need it’ will always be relevant.