A ‘CTA’ is another (shorter) way of saying ‘Call To Action’. A call to action is something that you should have on every page of your website and some people choose to have them in their meta-descriptions too.

A call to action is something that calls the reader to action, asks your visitor to do something. A call to action could be something like ‘Click here for more details’ or a button you can click on that says ‘Ask us for a quote’.

Some content writers choose to include a call to action at the bottom of their blog posts, these could be things like ‘Have you had a situation like this’, ‘Tell us your story’ or ‘Do you agree with what we are saying?’. In this way the content writer is using a Call to Action as a way of engaging with the reader and getting them to respond to the blog post.

What sort of ‘Call to Action’ phrases do you use?