Creating blog posts doesn’t need to be scary. Why not take some Halloween themed advice from us to see what Halloween can teach us about blogging.

Trick Or Treat

Halloween is known as the time to trick or treat but think about this in your blogging too. While it may be tempting to use a title to grab the attention of your target audience – they’ll feel tricked when the content isn’t relevant to the title. Instead, give your audience great quality content every time. Treat your readers to free tips, advice and ideas where you can.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Make sure your blog posts aren’t portraying you as Dr Jekyll in one and Mr Hyde. If multiple people are writing your blog posts then make sure you all have the same goal and voice in mind. However, if different blog writers have different styles, then mark the blogs with the author. This will help your audience connect with your business and your writers, through your blogs.

Smile Like A Pumpkin

We aren’t saying you need the toothy grin of a Halloween pumpkin, but you need to let your audience see you smile. This will make them smile too. Don’t worry about having perfect images for your blog posts all the time. Pop in some fun photos of you and your team too.

Make A Spider Web

Create blog posts on multiple topics that are relevant to your business and industry. The more topics the better as this makes your spider web bigger too. Just like a big spider web catches more flies, a blog with lots of relevant but different topics will catch more readers too.

A Zombie Never Dies, Nor Do Your Blogs

It doesn’t matter how long ago you published your blog post, if it is evergreen content it is still relevant now. Not only will it still attract new visitors to your website now, it can also be used on your social media too. For example, this blog post can be shared this Halloween. We will then share snippets of this blog on our social media next year too.

Get Your (skeleton) Bones Right

Think about what your target audience want to read. Consider the structure of your blog posts and the lengths of them too. Look at the pages that gets lots of traffic; how can you work on other pages to get more traffic too? Make sure all your pages have a clear call to action and think about what that call to action should be. This will help attract new readers but keep those loyal readers too.

This is what we think Halloween can teach us about blogging; what about you?

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