Since writing my post called “What is #ff?” I have since had people asking me what RT stands for, please do not get me wrong, I am not (definitely not) the Social Media Guru (but you can call me “Miss Social Media Princess” if you would like?).

During my first few months on twitter I have found myself asking the same questions, so here is (hopefully) an easy explanation for you 🙂

RT stands for ReTweet, so, if you would like to ‘retweet’ something then click on the tweet (status in facebook terms) and click on the button that is like 2 arrows round a rectangle (like a repeat / replay on stereo), then send now. This will then ‘retweet’ the status / tweet.

Why would you want to do this? Why would you want your tweet retweeted?

I think the best example is of a charity or an upcoming event, if they want lots of people to know about their event they will write the event details and then at the end write “Please RT” – this is their way of spreading the news around. Their tweets can only be seen by people that are following them, but if you retweet it then all your followers can see it too. So the event details get out to more people!

As with #ff, if someone RTs your comment, then it is polite just to send them a Thank-you! Manners Cost Nothing Remember 🙂

I hope that makes sense for you, if you would like to know more about Social Media why not ask about my Social Media Training Services?

Twitter is a confusing world, but you will get there – and just as you do; something new will come along!!!