For over 7 years we have been helping our clients with social media marketing in Peterborough. Social media has exploded onto the scenes and businesses know they need to use it, but they’re not sure how. So, what does our social media marketing offer?

It’s essential that you understand what social media marketing is, so you can understand what our social media marketing offers. We work with you to understand how marketing through social media will help your business.

While we have different social media packages available, we feel it’s about finding the right one for you and your business. We can post 3 times a week, 5 times a week or every day, as standard packages. However, we know that every business is unique.

Our social media managers will book in a call or face to fact meeting with you to talk about your business. We will talk about the best social media platform for your business, where your audience are. There is no point using a platform for your business, if your target audience aren’t there – or is there? This is something we will touch on in our meeting.

Through our social media marketing offer we can set up your social media presence for you. Alternatively, we can work on one you already have set up. We post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram – if we think they are right for you.

Does our social media marketing offer sales? Yes! Does it guarantee sales? No!

We use social media as a way to boost the presence of a business online. The posts are engaging and informative. They tell your audience more about your business and the people or person behind the business. We see social media as a way to be that ‘helpful friend’ that gives them guidance or information they need. Then, when your audience needs to make a purchase, they know where to come!

Our posts will always be engaging and relevant to you or your business. They won’t all be going out at the same time. Just like your audience use social media at different times, your business will be posting on social media at different times too.

But what does our social media marketing in Peterborough really offer? The peace of mind that your business is well represented online, while you’re getting on with running your business.