We have won twelve business awards in just over 5 years here at Creative Content Company. I know this is a massive achievement and one that we are very proud of. This has not been easy and it isn’t something we have taken for granted.

When we have won each business award we put them on the sideboard in the office and have the certificates on the wall behind them. They are brilliant for clients and potential clients to see when they come into the office. As I said, our awards are something we are proud of.

But what can winning a business award really do for your business?

Last year we were finalists for the Small Business Awards – Peterborough.

Creative Content Company won the Service award and quickly posted it on social media. I then won Inspirational Business award. We were quick to stick that on social media too. We were feeling very proud of ourselves with 2 awards under our belts.

Then we won the overall business award; Small Business of the Year!

Of course this followed on social media too. We got some really great feedback and replies from our social media / online audience.

This was a Friday evening. Over the weekend we had 4 messages from people on Linkedin. 2 we had spoken over the phone with about work previously and 2 more that we had chatted online with and met in the past.

By the end of the day Monday 3 of these people that contacted us were clients.

Of course it could have been pure coincidence. That we just so happened to win the small business awards. Then come Monday they all wanted to work with us.

However, we normally have 2-3 conversations like that over a month. Not 3-4 over a weekend.

I honestly believe that winning the Small Business Awards Peterborough resulted in these clients, that may have been sat on the fence, knowing that we were real. They now knew we were good at what we do. We had been recognised by a local award and panel of judges and actually – we must be pretty good!

I highly recommend every business owner applies for a local award or even a national business award. It can do wonders for your business. It will also help boost your confidence and the logos look great on your website too.

If you need help writing a business award application or need to know which business awards you should enter then contact us directly. We would be happy to help.