What are your social media marketing struggles?

As a social media marketing company in Peterborough, we speak to a lot of small business owners. Some are keen to do the social media for the business themselves because they use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram all the time. While they may use it for themselves, they may not know how to use it for business.

Meanwhile, there are other business owners that hate social media. They think it’s a place to see what people have for lunch. Therefore, it is not of interest. But that doesn’t mean that social media isn’t of interest to your audience!

There are a few common social media marketing struggles that many business owners come across. We have listed some of these most common social media marketing struggles below. If you are a business owner, see how many relate to you!

Most Common Struggle: Ensuring that you remain active on social media, but your posts are still relevant.

Second Struggle: Not knowing what to post about or topics to create social media posts for.

Third Struggle: Getting the tone of the business across in the right way, while using the brand voice.

Fourth Struggle: Not seeing the results you would expect from the time you are putting into social media posting.

Fifth Struggle: Not seeing or understanding the value of the effort you put into posting on social media for your business.

Here at Creative Content Company, we have help many business owners, just like you, with these social media struggles. However, with more than half the population of the world on social media, it’s an important platform for your business to be on.

More people than ever before are scrolling through social media, seeing hundreds or thousands of posts all the time. It’s important that you are where your target audience are. If they’re spending hours of the day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram – you need to make sure you are there too.

If you’re not sure how to best promote your business on social media, call us! We can help with all the social media marketing struggles above, and many more. We will help ensure that you get in front of your customers on social media, while staying relevant, active and engaging.