There are lots of different business social media goals that business owners have. What is most important is that you think about your business, your goals and what you hope to achieve through having a social media presence for your business.

Some business owners have the business social media goals to increase their brand awareness. They target themselves on the amount of people that like their page and follow their account. These business owners also look at their reach and how many people are seeing these posts.

Another type of business social media goals is to drive traffic to your website, through social media. It is essential that you include links back to your website through social media. You can then use tools like Google Analytics to see how much traffic is going through to your website and what pages they are going to.

Alternatively you may have set yourself the business social media goals of generating new leads. This can be done by creating engaging posts, but also including polls about the services or products you offer. As people are interested in what you do, get involved in your polls and ask questions, you’ll find they become warm leads for your business and offering.

If your business goal is to build a community around your business, social media can be a great way of doing this. You can have closed groups where people feel they can ask questions, have a rant or request feedback or ideas for something. By creating a community around your business you are creating a group of people that trust you and your business.

A business social media goal could also be to boost your brand engagement. By getting your brand out there on a new platform and posting stuff that people want to see, you will increase your brand awareness, while boosting your brand engagement, which will help boost your brand awareness. Think about your brand voice and tone when posting on social media though.

Some businesses have one very simple business social media goal. They use social media purely so they have a social customer service. The account is just there to respond to queries, complaints and similar.

What are your business social media goals?