What are your digital marketing goals for your business for the year ahead? Have you thought about what you want to achieve? Are you looking to get more traffic to your website?  Maybe you want to build your brand awareness? Perhaps you would like to support the revenue generation for your business? Is your digital marketing goal for your business to convert leads into customers? Maybe you’d like to improve search rankings as your digital marketing goals for your business this year.

Recently Top Design Firms completed a Small Business Survey. They looked at the digital marketing goals for businesses and which were the most popular. Their question was “What Digital Marketing Goals Do Companies Have For 2022?”. The options were increasing website traffic, build brand awareness, support revenue generation, convert leads to customers and improve search rankings.

1,003 people were involved in the survey. They were invited to choose the digital marketing goal that was most suited for this business.

  • 19% of business owners have the marketing goal of increasing website traffic.
  • A further 19% of business owners aim to build their brand awareness through digital marketing.
  • 17% of business owners use digital marketing to support revenue generation.
  • 15% of business owners are aiming to convert leads to customers through their digital marketing.
  • Finally, 14% of business owners have the goal of improving their search rankings through online marketing.

Which of these digital marketing goals best suits your business? How have you planned to achieve them?

Here at Creative Content Company, we can help you with online marketing for your business. Whatever you are looking to achieve with your online marketing, we can help you. We offer social media posting for businesses. Our team can also create blog posts and website content for your business too.

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