On Monday 12th December we, as in Creative Networking, attended the Christmas Quiz at Pinnacle House, as organised by Paul Smith and his team – and we are thrilled to confirm that we won, even though we were the second smallest team in attendance, just 75% complete (and I shouldn’t really class myself as a full person as I am terrible at quizzes).

We put together a team from Creative Networking and were lucky enough to have Mike Stokes of Positive Networking in our team, which gave us the team name ‘Positive Creative Networking Elves’ for the quiz night.

The quiz had some tricky questions but we managed to score 35 points out of a possible 40, beating the other teams by at least 5 points and we then won a fabulous Christmas hamper as the prize for the winning team – however this wasn’t the only highlight of the night.

The Christmas quiz had been organised as a fundraiser for the YMCA and each team paid £20 to enter the quiz, there was then a raffle which was £5 each. All in all, the Christmas quiz raised a total of £250 which will all go to charity.

As much as it is great to be involved in a charity fundraiser for a worthwhile cause that raised so much money the ‘Christmas good will to others’ didn’t end there!

Out of our Christmas hamper we then took a few goodies to put under the giving tree in the entrance of Pinnacle House, these goodies will be donated to Peterborough food bank to be given to those in Peterborough that are less fortunate than ourselves.

I would like to take this chance to congratulate Paul Smith and Pinnacle House for their excellent work in supporting charities and the local community and encourage others, if you are nearby Pinnacle House, to drop in with something to go under the giving tree for others in Peterborough who are unable to afford the Christmas goodies, or even basic items, that we are able to afford.