Creative Content Company love writing website copy and blog posts for businesses; it’s what we do well and it’s what we are passionate about. Web design is never something we are going to offer, but we understand just how important it is to businesses.

Something we want to do is to work with website designers because we know that the business wants a complete website and the website designer is awesome at making a great website – but where does the content come from? The business wants the website designers to do it and the website designer thinks the business will do it – and this is where we come in!

We can help speed up the website design process because we can supply the content that both parties are often waiting for. We know it is really hard to write your own website content and it can be extremely time consuming – and we know that web designers hate having a website sat there with no words.

We offer a lower price of website copy to website designers so they can also make a mark-up on the content they offer their client so they can not only get the website done quicker which means they get paid sooner, but they can also make extra money on website content with no real additional effort, just an email to us asking for page content, telling us the page names and any keywords they want used.

On top of this we can offer monthly blogging which allows the web designer to stay in contact with their client for months or even years after the project has been completed because they are uploading blog posts to their website; we will send the blog post as a word document to the website designer and they can upload it to the website, add some images and internal links and choose what they charge their happy client for that.

Here are some testimonials from web designers we have worked with previously;

Federation Design: “Hazel and Creative Content Company are our go to content supplier and recommendation for clients. They are highly recommended by our company and have been since 2014.”

Counting Stars:Hazel and her team produced a fantastic blog post for us in super fast time when we were really busy. We are really pleased with the work and will definitely use Creative Content Company again for copy writing tasks for our clients.”

Social Hootz: You guys are awesome and there will be lots more working coming your way. Thanks for some great website content you completed for our client.”

Local Buzz Marketing: “In terms of creative and imaginative content for blogs, press releases or websites, Hazel is 2 years ahead of the game.”

If you’re a web designer and you like what you’ve read then please drop us a line for our white label web content prices; we think you’ll be impressed!