We say ‘we’, as in the ‘Royal We’ – but actually it is just Hazel this time. Hazel recently received an email from the DevelopHer Awards in East Anglia to say she had been nominated for the Unsung Hero award. Needless to say, Hazel was over the moon.

The DevelopHer Awards are all about raising the profile of women in tech in East Anglia. There is a vibrant tech community in East Anglia and DevelopHER want women to be part of that. Visitors to the website were encouraged to nominate an amazing woman in tech that they know for one of the awards.

Although Hazel does lots of voluntary work in the community, including teaching digital marketing in prison every other week, working with schools to help students understand the digital world and also learn about being entrepreneur, supporting council projects like OpenCity, VisionShift and Investment in the Environment along with running a not for profit networking group and offering free support to small businesses to help them achieve more on line she never expected to be nominated for an award like this.

Anyone that knows Hazel will know she just does things like this; she has a strong background in charity and helping others so she has just used Creative Content Company to do more in the community and to help in more areas and in different ways.

We have to wait until November to find out if we have won the award or even made the shortlist, but if we’re honest – Hazel is thrilled to have even been nominated. This is a huge thing to her; she does lots behind the scenes and is always happy to talk about it to help others get involved in their communities too.

If Hazel was to win the Unsung Hero award this would mean so much to her, but it would also give her a platform to encourage even more people and businesses to get involved in helping their communities become better places.