Here at Creative Content Company we love getting involved in bettering our local communities. As an average child at school, I love sharing my story with school students. I love inspiring them too. We’ve done lots of voluntary work and projects with schools in the past. Due to covid there was a big gap where we weren’t able to get as involved as events just weren’t taking place.

However, further to my connections with Debbie and GrowthWorks, I’m really excited to interviewing at Ernulf Academy, virtually. This is taking place at the beginning of July.

As a volunteer I have been sent a list of questions by the project leader. These are questions I will ask students individually in slots of 15 minutes throughout the morning. The aim is to get students more confident for their interviews. To help them know what to expect from their first ‘real interview’.

Many of the students will not have met someone outside of their parents, family and teachers before. This means, it’s a really good experience for them. Each interview lasts ten minutes. We then have 5 minutes for feedback. In this time, I can offer guidance and advice for what they can improve on when they have a ‘real’ interview in the future.

Interviews are nerve-wracking times for all of us. This is a really good opportunity to help put some of those nerves aside by having a really positive interview experience with someone that isn’t their family or a teacher.

One of the great things about this day is that as interviewers, we have been guided to encourage the students to look at their transferable skills. At a young age, these transferable skills are so important. It’s great to be able to boost a student’s confidence by talking about their transferable skills, reminding them that they aren’t ‘just’ students.

As a small business owner, I feel that boosting the local community and helping students in the local area is so important for the future of us all. I see it as our duty as a business in the community. A duty to play our part and help others out.

I went to Hinchingbrooke School when I was a child. A few of my friends from primary school went to Ernulf. It’s like a little connection to that school that I have. So, interviewing at Ernulf Academy seemed like a great project to get involved in.

If you’d like to get involved in projects similar to these, drop me a line. I will happily connect you with Debbie. Alternatively, I can answer any queries you may have about the projects we get involved in.

So, I’ll be interviewing at Ernulf Academy on Monday 5th July. Who knows whose future I will be positively impacting!