As you will have seen from previous years, I volunteer with Light Project Peterborough which is a charity organisation that helps the homeless people of Peterborough. We offer a warm bed, dinner and breakfast along with support and a kind ear to up to 12 homeless people a night. However we need volunteers.

During their stay with us we help them get back on their feet, setting tasks for them to do and as these are completed we help them move into more permanent accommodation, helping them move on with their lives with a mentor to support them.

However, running this project for 112 nights from November until March with 4 shifts per day that all need cover requires the help from volunteers. Amazing people, like you, that want to give their time to help.

Each Monday is in one church, each Tuesday in another church and so on. However this year is different due to an extension of the project which means the first 3 weeks are hosted in one church per week.

The shifts are as follows;

Evening Shift (approx. 6:00pm – 10pm) to set up the venue, cook the meal; greet guests and fellowship with them during the evening.

Overnight (approx. 9:45pm – 7am) a mixture of a waking and sleeping night ensuring that there are always 2 volunteers awake at all times

Morning Shift (approx. 6.30am – 8:30am) to come in to prepare breakfast and then pack away the equipment restoring the venue to its normal state.

Central Meeting Place (6.15pm – 7.15pm) to welcome guests, serve hot drinks and fellowship with them until the transport to the host Church arrives at 7pm.

The Light Project needs volunteers who can help with one or more shift from the 26th November 2018 until the 18th March 2019. Of course the more shifts the better; but every little helps and even if you could only offer support for one shift, or one day a month we would be very grateful.

I have been involved in this project for the last 3 years, since it began. I am on the Steering Team of the project and Shift Leader at the Central Meeting Place. I cannot tell you how rewarding this project is, but I highly recommend you get involved to find out for yourself by volunteering, even one shift.