If you’re on Facebook and live in Peterborough, it is extremely likely that you will have come across We Love Peterborough. It’s an awesome local Facebook page that tells you about all the upcoming events in Peterborough and local surrounding areas, as well as the newest businesses and restaurants to come into Peterborough, new developments and more.

If you want to know anything about Peterborough, the We Love Peterborough Facebook page is the place to go.

You might think it was impossible for We Love Peterborough to get any better, but you’d be wrong! It’s just got better.

Susan Brocolli, the incredible lady behind We Love Peterborough recently approached me to work with her on a networking event we have decided to call We Love Peterborough Businesses; this will be a monthly evening event for owners of small to medium sized businesses.

There is one event a month and we will have amazing speakers on various topics such as “To Claim or Not to Claim; That Is The Question” as well as guest speakers talking to us about selling, public speaking, business travel and so much more.

All our presenters and guest speakers will also have an incredible offer for a limited number of people in the room, on a first come – first serve basis! When I say a ‘brilliant offer’ I genuinely mean it, this isn’t 2% off when you spend £1,000 – this is something completely free and in some cases an offer than money can’t even buy!

The venue is yet to be announced as we are just making sure we get it absolutely perfect for our attendees; but I can assure this will be an amazing event that you do not want to miss – so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for our first We Love Peterborough Businesses Event.

Really look forward to seeing you at the launch event.