As I mentioned in an earlier blog post; We Love Peterborough is getting bigger and better. The We Love Peterborough facebook page is a page that’s loved by people all over Peterborough and surrounding areas. It brings people together and shares the good news, new things and exciting events from across the city.

But now We Love Peterborough wants to help businesses in the Peterborough community too and we are doing this by creating We Love Peterborough Businesses; these will be monthly events held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at different venues across Peterborough.

Our launch event is on Thursday 21st June from 6.30pm at Peterborough Football Ground; our launch event is a free of charge event and there will be nibbles available. We will hear from Susan of We Love Peterborough, 2 guest speakers and a brief bit from me too.

You’ll also get your chance to hear about all our upcoming events, have your say on the event and what you would like to hear about.

We are thrilled to announce that the Mayor and Mayoress of Peterborough will be in attendance to our event, which we are very pleased about. Clearly We Love Peterborough Businesses is the place to be!

There are a limited number of tickets available for our launch event, but we would love it if you could come along and join us for our very first event; to kick off as we mean to go on!

Tickets can be booked by clicking here – we look forward to seeing you on the night.

What To Expect From

The evening will be an introduction to the group and what we have to offer over the coming months. You will find out details on the how the group works, venues and how to become a member. There will be a special Guest Speaker for the evening. You will have a chance to have your say in what you’d like the meetings to do for you as a business. There will be a survey/Feedback form compilation.

Drinks: There will be a bar available for the purchase of drinks.

Food: There will be some light nibbles for you.

Parking: Free – Please use the Posh carpark gravel and tarmac carparks

Venue: The Sponsor’s Lounge, Peterborough United, London Road, Peterborough. (Come through the main entry glass doors at the front of Peterborough United.)

Time: 6.30pm until 8pm