As most of you will know, Creative Content Company turned 2 years old just a few weeks ago and as much as this was exciting stuff, we were even more excited when we got some Birthday wishes from a man we have grown to love and admire – Mr Boris Johnson!

But this isn’t a blog post about how excited we were to get a birthday tweet from Boris Johnson, instead this is a tweet showing you that really, anything is possible when you use Twitter and other social media platforms the right way. Without social media there is no way we would have connected with Boris Johnson in this manner.

You can use Twitter to find those that inspire you, those that are in your industry and you aim to be like or connect with, those who have achieved amazing things and you want to know more about or those in business who make you want to achieve more. You couldn’t walk up to these people in the High Street, you couldn’t give them a tap on the shoulder in the pub and ask for a chat and you couldn’t just give them a call – but on Twitter you can connect with them.

We’re not recommending that you stalk them on social media, spam them on Twitter and beg them to talk to you instead just keep an eye on what they’re talking about and engage in a conversation with them whether you agree with their ideas or not. Maybe you have written a blog post or seen an article that confirms what they are saying and you could share that with them too?

We managed to get a tweet from Boris just by chatting to him, we were a little bit cheeky and said it was our Birthday, we said we were 2 years old and a small business that did lots in the local community. But even we didn’t expect a response wishing us many happy returns for the day.

But it’s what happened next that was most interesting. Boris retweeted our tweet and then replied, days later our tweets are still being retweeted and favourite, our traffic from Twitter to our website has gone up and we have loads of new followers on Twitter too.

Who are you going to connect with on Twitter?