Some of you may remember a weekly blog competition I ran back in 2015 for a free blog post every week. I shared a letter every Monday and if the company owners name or the company name began with that chosen letter then you could retweet or share and a winner would be chosen at random to win a free blog post for their website.

We went through all the letters of the alphabet and number 0-9 too… then it ended…

It was a brilliant competition and something a little out of the box, for some letters we had loads of entries and had to let people down, for other letters we would have only one, or maybe no entries as no companies names began with that letter.

Then, as things do in business, things got really busy and we never got round to start the competition again – so now it is time. As of Monday 3rd April we will be re-launching the blog post competition where businesses can win a free blog post for their website. It will run from a-z and then 0-9 over the next 36 weeks from 3rd April.

We chose to run the competitions on a Monday because we felt that sometimes you need something to cheer you up on a Monday and that maybe winning a free blog post could bring a smile to someone’s face on a miserable Monday?

This is also a chance for our fans and followers to help their friends and business contacts to win a free blog post, because you can tag your friends and their businesses in the posts on Facebook and Twitter and as long as they respond too they will be entered in the competition.

Free Blog Post Competition – Terms and Conditions (The Boring Bit)

The terms and conditions for this competition are pretty simple, the name of the owner or the company name must begin with the letter or number on that chosen date. You have all day on the Monday to enter and a winner will be chosen on Tuesday. A blog of 300-500 words will then be sent to the winner by 5pm on Friday as a word document.

As with all of the blog posts we write for our clients, it will be SEO friendly and use chosen or recommended keywords. If the winner has a keyword or topic they would like us to work on we can do that, otherwise we will come up with keywords and search terms we recommend and a topic of our own.

Only one winner will be chosen per day / per letter or number – this winner will be chosen at random by Creative Content Company and our decision is final. This competition is open to existing clients and will serve as an additional blog post to those that they have ordered.