We recently did a Periscope video on this, but wanted to follow up with a blog post for those that missed it. However, if you’d rather see the video then please pop to our Facebook page and you’ll be able to see the video; it’s less than 5 minutes long.

Last month we received an email from Lorry, Lorry had a @yahoo email address and the email went as follows;


We are providing SEO service.

We can get your website on 1st page of Google.

We will also provide you References of some of our clients; you can ask them about our services if you don’t have website We also provide Websites Redesigning and Mobile app Services. 

Reply on this e-mail for more info.



PS:  I will be happy to send the “Proposal” and “Pricing”. (this part was hghlighted in yellow)

If you have had an email like this, or receive emails like this and are concerned about them then there are some top things to look out for.

A non-company email is a massive tell-tale. If a professional digital company are offering this service, it is unlikely they would do so from a personal / yahoo / hotmail email address.

Look at the grammar of the email too – in this example the first line is a badly written sentence; there are random capital letters at the start of words, for no reason and other errors. Again, a professional email from a professional company would not have these issues.

They have said in the email to us that if we need a website / if we don’t have a website – this shows the company have not looked even looked at your company. They are saying they can help with your SEO but have no idea about who you are or what you do.

The yellow highlighted area is a sure fire sign of a scam email from overseas too, so this is another pointer to look out for.

If you’d like help improving the SEO of your website or want to better your website ranking on Google then please speak to us directly and we would be happy to help.