Many business owners understand that having more content on their website results in higher rankings and more rankings, more visitors to the site and more sales for the business. However, there becomes a problem – after the Home Page, About Us Page, Products or Services Page and a Contact Us Page, what more content and what other pages can be added to the business website?

As a small business, the aim of your website should not be just to sell but also to build up trust and relationships, to help visitors that come to your website and to encourage customers that use your website to tell others about your business to extend your brand awareness and increase traffic (and potential sales) to your website.

If you’re a small business that knows they need more website content but you’re struggling with knowing what content to put on your website help is at hand. We have put together a list of ideas that you can use to increase the website content for your business;

  • Look at Google keyword and analytics tools to come to target additional keywords that are relevant to your business and / or your industry.
  • Create tutorials and how to guides which will show your potential customers the best way to use your product or your service.
  • Show you knowledge and experience by predicting or explaining the latest trends in your industry, adding on how it may affect your customers.
  • Look at developments in your industry, from the past present and future and explain why these have been or will be good or bad – this will show that you know what you’re talking about and help build up trust with your audience.
  • You will often have questions that you are always asked over the phone, face to face or by email – ask and answer these questions in a blog post as you’ll often find other people are asking the same questions via Google.
  • If you are often reading industry news and blog posts create a monthly best reads for your target audience, this will help you become that trusted friend and the person they turn to when they do need your services or products.
  • Is there a common myth or misconception in your industry or with a service / product you supply? Create a blog post to confirm the truth behind the myth.

This is just a taster, or a starter perhaps – to get you started with some website content ideas for your business.

When you have written some of this website content and added it to your website pop back to our blog posts and find the next blog post giving you more website content ideas for your business and then even more website content ideas for your business.