We recently spoke about the website review service that is available through our shop page, but since announcing this we have been asked when our Social Media and Website Review Days are coming back or if they have ended for good – well the good news is that they are coming back and very soon!

Our Social Media and Website Review Days take place once a month at Bewiched on Bridge Street, Peterborough. You are able to book a 30 minute slot completely free of charge and in this time we can review your website or your social media telling you what is good and bad about your website and what improvements you can make to your website.

Some people used their half an hour slot to gain knowledge on blogging, SEO or website content, some used it for quick training on different topics, others used the time as a blogging brainstorm / mindmap session while some just had questions they didn’t know the answer to. It’s your half an hour and we will help you with what you need.

After the event we will email you with the feedback, confirming the good, bad and ugly along with any advice to help you achieve more with the online presence of your business.

The idea of a Social Media and Website Review is simple, I sit in a coffee shop all day enjoying amazing coffees, paninis and cakes and I help lots of local businesses by sharing my knowledge to help them grow – which takes place at a local business so we can help them grow in the process too.

All you need to do is keep your eyes peeled for the next date and then email with the time of your choice and I will get you booked in.

I look forward to seeing you there.