I was listening to Heart Radio this morning on the way to work and they were saying that in one country when you give blood you get a text after you have given blood to say Thanks for giving blood and then later down the line you get another text when your blood is used, they tell you what the blood was used for and they send you a code to get a free taxi as a further ‘thank-you’.

There is lots of hype in the news and media recently about blood banks being low on Group O but an overall low of all blood types across the UK and a desperate need for more people to donate blood in the UK. The radio interview got me thinking – how can I help?

I do try and give blood as often as I can, but with various tattoos and often low iron (I am not a fish eater) I am often unable to give blood. Plus, as much as the blood from my team and I may help a little – I want to help more. How can I get my clients to give blood?

So we have launched a new ‘special offer’ for want of better wording, we are now offering one free SEO friendly, 300+ word blog post per time you give blood. This offer is available for existing clients, previous clients or even clients that have never used us before – we want to help encourage more people to give blood.

All you have to do is tweet a photo of you during or after giving blood with the date you are giving blood (that day) and send it to us, with the hashtag #BlogForBlood and we will create one free blog post for you.

The only terms and conditions is that we can offer no more than 6 free ‘blog for blood’ blog posts per year so if you have a large team sadly we can offer no more than 6 free ‘blog for blood’ blog posts per year.

We are not expecting the blood banks across the UK to be overflowing with lovely fresh blood to save people’s lives but we would like to make a difference and save some people’s lives.

Please feel free to share this blog post with friends, family, clients and colleagues – the more blood given, the better.