The solution to giving clients a great website with great content, that is SEO optimised is very simple. From the outset the website designer and the website copywriter need to work together, even if they are not based in the same office the two need to have open lines of communication. Here at Creative Content Company, this is exactly what we offer web designers.

Having a lot of content on the page might be beneficial to the SEO of the website, but if it doesn’t fit with the design of the website then it’s pointless. If, however, the web designer has designed the template and this given to the website copy writer then it will be much easier for the website content and the website design to fit together, hand in hand.

There are lots of ways that website content can be broken up easily and this is why we work closely with the web designer to understand how the website page will look in regards to the layout. We then speak to the client, on the web designers behalf, even saying we are from the web designers company and not using our own company name to collect the information we need to create the website content for the website.

Here at Creative Content Company we kind of feel that web designers and web copy writers are kindred and creative spirits with the same aim, to communicate a client’s message effectively and successfully. By working closely with website designers we are able to amplify both our abilities and foster an environment for some truly exceptional ideas.

The best reason for web designers and copy writers to work together is because the client ends up with a completed website where all the elements on the page make sense and work, the website attracts, informs, engages and persuades and overall, the client is happy with the finished result.

We feel that collaboration and teamwork is the key to success in many working relationships, especially between website copywriters and website designers. If you would are a web designer looking to collaborate with copywriters to help benefit your clients then give us a call or drop our team of copywriters an email – we are always happy to help!