A short while ago we signed up to Radio 1 #1millionhours – it’s a campaign that is all about getting people involved in charities and their local community. Together we can achieve one million hours, but alone we couldn’t do this!

Well today we received the email that said registration was open to help at Cancer Research UK Race for Life event. I have taken part in Race for Life in previous years and have found it an incredible event to be part of, it’s an incredibly emotional day, but for a good reason. People openly share the reason behind why they are running and who they are running for.

Race for Life will be in Peterborough again this year so that is the event I have signed up to, to volunteer as a Race Marshal. I have been a race marshal many times before, for East Anglia Children’s Hospice, Santa Runs and Fathers Day ‘Big Daddy Run’ – it’s fantastic to cheer people on, you can see them change from a grimace to a smile when they remember they are not alone, there are other people there, cheering them on and supporting them for what they are doing.

These events are something which leaves me tingling all over, in fact as I am writing this blog post now the memories of the feelings and the atmosphere of the day are coming back to me and I can feel myself, once more, becoming tingly all over with emotion.

If you would like to sign up to be a volunteer for Race for Life and this incredibly worthwhile cause there is still time, just pop your name down here.

Of course, if you are taking part in the event I wish you the best of luck and I promise I will be there to cheer you on when it feels like it may be getting tough… I can’t promise you won’t be sick of my constant cheering by the end of the day though; I do get a little overexcited and can be a tad loud too!

Hope to see you there.