Last month we had one of our website pages translated to Latvian and this month we have added a page of Urdu website content to the list of languages we have on our website – but why? After all, we are based in the UK and we only speak English. We don’t speak any other languages so why offer a service to customers that speak other languages.

It wasn’t until we began working with a translation company that we realised the importance of translating your website into different languages. For example, here at Creative Content Company we are based in England so we write English website content and do English social media management for our clients – we usually do this for our clients because they don’t have the time to manage their own social media accounts or write website content and blogs, or they’re just not sure what to write about.

Meanwhile there are lots of business owners in the UK and across the world that want English speaking customers but English is not their first language and this is where we come in. We help those business owners that do not have English as their first language to communicate and engage with customers who do speak English as their first language.

And what is stopping you doing the same thing? For example, if you sell carpets in Peterborough why not have pages of your website content translated to Urdu, like we have done. Urdu is one of the 10 most popular languages spoken in Peterborough so there are people in your local area that will be looking for carpets in the local area but they may be new to the country and not yet sure of the word for carpet in English so when they search on Google for carpets in Peterborough, in Urdu, you’ll be one of the first (or maybe even the only) websites to come up on Google.

We aren’t saying your whole website needs to be translated, just a page here and there to welcome and encourage those from other countries to use your services or purchase your products. If you need help writing website content to be translated or you need someone to translate the content just let us know –we’d be happy to help or recommend a translation company you could use.

We are slowly adding pages of the most popularly spoken languages in Peterborough, adding a few new pages and languages to the website as we go along. You don’t need to do all the languages at once, just take it slowly – to suit your own budget.