We are really excited to be travelling out of our office in Norman Cross, just down the road to Stamford. While Stamford is a lovely place to visit regardless of the reason, there is a reason we will be going to Stamford. We are going to be exhibiting at the Stamford Showcase Networking event.

As you may know we have exhibited at the Showcase Networking events in Peterborough. Last month we went to Grantham for this event too, and we had a great time. As a digital marketing business it doesn’t matter if our clients are in the office next door to us, or at the other end of the country. We can help them with all their content management and social media needs.

The Stamford Showcase Networking event is on Tuesday 29th October and takes place at Stamford Endowed Schools. In the past we have only been to Stamford for business reasons no more than maybe 5 times. We are really looking forward to going back and meeting with numerous businesses from across the local area. Who knows who we will meet and how they can help us, or maybe how we can help them.

It’s also a little bit more exciting as we have some new things we are taking out for the first time.

We have some new leaflet holders, which are a pretty sad thing to be excited about, but we are excited about it. We have some exciting new leaflets that have a very cool shape. I can’t tell you more than that for the time being. AND we have some new pens too. The orange pens may still be attending, but we have some blue and green pens too!

On the stand we will have a business card bowl. You can put your business card in the bowl for 3 FREE blog post ideas that will be emailed to you. The entrance of your card will also get you signed up to our newsletter as well. We only send it out a few times a year, but it is always crammed with exciting treats, news and special offers.

Will you be attending the Stamford Showcase Networking? Please let us know so we can lookout for you!