​It;s fair to say that we run fun blogging workshops. In November we ran 6 individual blogging workshops. These covered things like why you should blog, how often you should blog, what you should blog about, how frequently you should blog and how long your blog posts should be

Each blogging workshop was aimed at business owners and people within in businesses that have to write blogs for the company website.

On arrival attendees could grab a drink, meet the other attendees and network informally

On each of their seats was a pen, some notepaper with a blogging stat or motivational quote on it to help them on their return to the office when they started blogging. And a sheet they could use to list their blogging ideas and topics that they had taken away from the day. Each person was promised they would leave with at least 10 blog post ideas

Each attendee also had a goodie bag, and this was what they could find inside their goodie bag, to help them on their blogging journey;

  • An Elastic Band – for when you feel stretched to your limit
  • A marble – to replace the ones you might lose when creating that first blog post
  • A Smiling Face – to help keep a smile on your face
  • A Tissue – to wipe away those tears of stress, and a spare one to wipe away those tears of joy on completion of your 1st blog
  • A Safety Pin – to help you hold it all together
  • A Party Popper – to celebrate uploading your first blog
  • A Tooth Pick – to help you pick out the best blog ideas
  • A Tea Bag – to enjoy a cuppa while writing your blogs
  • A Kit Kat – to have a break when your blogs are written
  • A Jigsaw Piece – because you have the missing piece!
  • My Business Card – because I am here if you need me

Of course they all got a certificate to confirm that they had attended and completed the blogging workshop with flying colours.

Workshops needn’t be boring – and that is something else that we hope our attendees could take away

We run fun blogging workshops. If you’d like us to run another blogging workshop or a workshop for your colleagues then please contact us directly. We would be happy to help if we can.