Here at Creative Content Company we may be a pretty small team, but we have really big hearts. Sadly we were unable to host our own Macmillan Coffee Morning but that didn’t stop us getting involved and raising money for this superb charity.

We looked at local events going on and saw how we could support them, for example, we often attend A14 Business Coffee Morning networking event. It takes place at The Taproom in St Ives and they were having a Macmillan Coffee Morning bake sale so we made some cakes and delivered them at 8.30am in the morning so they were available for sale. We then had to try some of the delicious cakes so gave a small donation for unlimited cake munching.

Regular attendees of Creative Networking events, the lovely Hereward Carpets, were also hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning for the second year in a row. They had a cake sale as well as various competitions and games including Faked or Baked where those eating the cakes had to guess, for a small donation, if the cake had been faked or baked. We are please to confirm that the cakes we donated were indeed baked.

We were thrilled to see that The Taproom in St Ives raised a whopping £341.88 throughout the day while Hereward Carpets, in the morning along, raised £105 which they then doubled to £210 out of their own pockets!

Just the other day we saw a quote from Morgan Freeman;

“How Do We Change The World? With One Random Act of Kindness at a Time!”

Although making cakes for the Macmillan Coffee Morning wasn’t quite a ‘random’ act of kindness, it was an act of kindness. We are always talking about the community and how we can make it better, and together we can – with one act of kindness at a time!

What random act of kindness can you do today?