Once upon a time, in September 2013, Creative Content Company was born. It was started by Hazel Cottrell in her bedroom. This is where the business lived for 3 months, just Hazel and her computer.

In the December of 2013, Hazel felt that support was needed in regards to the numbers. Hazel was great at words but numbers have never been her thing. This is when Angela joined the business. She is our Accounts Lady. She creates and sends all our invoices and makes sure our clients are happy.

Early 2014, Hazel found herself working from the early hours of the morning till late at night. It was clear that her work-life balance was not right. Hazel also found herself talking to the fish. Again, something was not quite right!

An office was found and Creative Content Company finally has a ‘real home’ and Hazel had a real life. A few months later a more suitable office was found and on 1st April 2015 their new home was found. The home of Norman Cross Art Gallery. The perfect base for the business, clients and mind space needed.

So what now? Well now we have a newbie joining the team.

Sarah Cardwell will be joining the team as an Administrator.

Sarah has been a long-term supporter of the business. Some of you may have met her at our 1st, 3rd and 5th company anniversary celebrations. Sarah has always been an attractive candidate to Creative Content Company due to her keenness to please others, focus and attitude.

After marrying and having 2 children, Sarah felt she was ready to consider new opportunities and we jumped at the opportunity of having her on our team.

Sarah will be managing our internal marketing side of the business. This is an area that often falls to the side. Just as the work in a builder’s house never quite gets done, the same could be said for our own marketing.

Sarah will also be working with us to help improve our client experiences and how we thank clients for their loyalty. We feel that our clients should be made to feel special and this is something Sarah will be helping us achieve.

We have a newbie, as of March and we hope you will join us in welcoming her to the Peterborough business community.